Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yeow! When Accidents Happen

So I was using the weight machines yesterday, feeling pretty good about working up to 20 reps and doing pretty well at it, when I went to use the leg curl machine and messed up big time.

This machine was a toughie because I'm short and the people who use it are usually a good eight inches taller than I am. So I have to yank the heel rest out in order to fit my legs properly. Usually this takes a lot of pulling and tugging because the thing is stuck in there pretty tight. The last time I did this it seemed like a workout unto itself.

This time, unbeknownst to me, they greased the machine.

I pulled with all my might, as usual, and the dang thing slid right out and BAM! landed on my left foot. The heavy, metal part of it. Not the soft, cushiony heel rest, natch. I was hoping the pain would go away, but as I did my thigh exercises (suffice to say I did not continue to use the leg curl machine--the traitor!) I realized the pain was intensifying.

I reported it to the member on staff, but no accident report was filed...though I should have insisted on it I now realize...and then I went home to ice my aching foot.

It still hurts. But one of the cardinal exercise rules I live by is that if something hurts DO NOT CONTINUE TO USE IT. Let it rest. Obviously, I'm still walking. But my weekend run is out of the question. Monday I'll see if I can exercise again.

Let this be a lesson to everyone--do not assume that exercising equipment is not dangerous! Be cautious with it. If metal battles bone, metal will always win.

And then ice and rest the injury for a few days.

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