Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday's Workout-Success and Then...

No injuries. No starvation or deprived muscles. Ah...bliss.

I spent an hour on the Precor, then 20 minutes on the treadmill. Burned approximately 900 calories in all. Came home to a dinner laden with fat thanks to my husband who figured he'd buy me something yummy and since I worked out, that would be okay.

Uh...loved the food, not too happy about the calories and especially the fat. I always avoid the pulled pork (though I love it) and anything fried (another no-no that he purchased for me this time around). Next time I need to be a little more obvious about what I want for dinner. Something that won't make my cholesterol zoom to the moon, thank you very much.

He tries, my husband, but sometimes he doesn't understand my goals. Makes me think back to a poster who commented that her husband always offered her unhealthy food. Perhaps we need to be more clear that although, yes, we'd love to eat fried yumminess. But no thank you, we are trying to make better health-conscious choices.

So I ate half the meal, left the rest for today. The weekend will be devoted to lower fat fare. That's the way to roll sometimes.

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