Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday's Workout-Should've Eaten My Wheaties

Okay, let me first explain...I have been dedicated to keeping myself fit and healthy since my mother had a heart attack, and I learned we both had high cholesterol. Lately, I've been keeping my cholesterol down with Lipitor and exercise. I'm very dedicated.

For breakfast I made myself two pancakes with blueberries and almonds (and light syrup, natch.) Then I whisked my older son and his buddy to a cooking class. Slipped off to grocery shop, my younger son in tow. Sped home to put away the refrigerated groceries. Took off to pick up my son and his friend from cooking class. Balanced various items of food in two hands while shoving the young group back into the car. Made them all lunch at my house. Ate a bowl of granola cereal with almond milk. Worked on an article for another blog. Stopped dangerous situations from occurring as the three boys battled imaginary creatures. Added another stray child off the street somehow. Four children now needed a snack. I forgot to eat my snack. Said bye to stray child, toted son's friend back home, dashed off to the gym with my kids, forgot their socks but the YMCA is awesome and supplied them with some.

Whew. Tired yet? I was. I did my warm-up and weight routine. Then I started on the elliptical

Poof. Energy gone. Why? Because all I had to eat was a coupla fluffy pancakes and a freakin' bowl of cereal. Usually I'll suck down some yogurt or have cheese and crackers before I start expending all sorts of energy. But in remembering to grab sandwich meat and orange juice from the supermarket, it knocked eating snacks and stocking socks right out of my memory bank. A mother's brain can only hold so much, after all.

If anything is to be learned here it is: make sure you feed yourself before doing any strenuous activity! Do not go hungry, or you will not accomplish your exercising goals.

And then remember your children's socks, for goodness sakes!

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