Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year, New Resolution to Get Healthy? Keep This in Mind...

Every January I have a tough time finding a parking space at my local YMCA. After ten years of this, I should be used to it, but I still curse under my breath because although I don't mind the lonnnnng walk from my car to the gym (after all, I'm there to get exercise anyway), but I hate being cold and talking a lonnnnng walk. Especially carrying a thirty-pound bag of gym attire and shower paraphernalia.

But I also know that by March, plenty of spaces will be available. That's around the time most people looking to lose weight and get fit give up, thereby leaving me a close spot to park my car.

So my question is...why do people give up so soon?Is it tough to fit the time into an already busy schedule? Do people feel they aren't seeing results? Do they feel bored? All of the above?

Coming up...ways to counter these "excuses." Stay tuned.