Friday, October 14, 2011


Today's workout was 25 minutes of the bike (dang Achilles heel pain still bugging me), followed by 55 minutes of what I call "painful yoga."

The last time I did yoga? Hm. Five years ago? Six? Painful then, too, if I recall. Why? Because if you aren't used to twisting like a pretzel, you're in for some major burn. The last time I took the class, an obese woman taught the class. (She was at least three-hundred pounds, I am not exaggerating). She had the agility of a cat. Balance on one leg while bringing the other one up to the ear? She could do that. Not me. Never me. Apparently weight has nothing to do with ability. Boy, I envied her.

Our instructor this time was much thinner than the last one, and although she didn't move as fluidly (I have yet to meet an individual who does), she was very good. Corrected me twice. That's okay, I can take being corrected. Except she had to repeat herself two or three times because I have horrible hearing and the acoustics in the gymnasium were so bad I never once fully understood a sentence she uttered. So I blinked, looked stupid until she coupled her words with body language. Maybe she figured I was an exchange student from South Dumbodia or something.

Anyhow, I have to say I love Child's Pose. I could fall asleep in Child's Pose. I was close to it a few times, since I ran my writer's group last night and chatted much too late into the night and still had to get the kids up for school the next morning. So Child's Pose was almost too comfy.

I highly recommend yoga--at least I do right now, we'll see how my muscles feel tomorrow--because it really gives your body a good stretch. Stretching makes you more flexible. You walk taller. Your muscles become leaner and stronger. It's relaxing as long as you aren't standing perpendicular to the floor on one leg, extending all limbs in various directions. But even when you balance yourself all crazy-like, afterwards your body feels better. There's a mood shift, and you may feel a little, well, giddy.

This will now become part of my weekly fitness plan. Maybe you'll want to try it, too? Doesn't matter if you weigh ninety pounds or three hundred. If I can do it, so can you.


  1. K.L. - I did Bikram (sweaty) Yoga for a while and it was great but the classes were too long for my tastes. I, too, experienced the wonder and frustration of watching some overweight people doing a great job in the class (I would even go so far as to say that two or three of them had what I call a 'pro gut').

  2. LOL, Steve! Thanks for the comment. Not sure I'd enjoy Bikram Yoga, but I know some people swear by it. Me? If I'm going to sweat, let it be on the beach with a tall icy glass of ice tea. :)