Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today's Run

Today I ran 3 miles...humidity was high and I looked like one of those fountains you find in garden stores, the woman carrying a vase that pours water down her back. That was me. Minus the vase. Here was today's run/workout:

1) Run with arms bent at 45 degree angle to warm up.
2) Thrust arms diagonally across body while running to workout abs.
3) Run with knees high, landing on ball of foot and pushing off on ball of foot. No heels usage.
4) Repeat #2, then go into #1 to cool down.
5) After three mile run is over, I walk it out until my heart rate has slowed, then I stretch and shower.

I usually like to put in 4 miles, but because of the heat and humidity I thought it prudent to stick to 3. That is rule number 1 of running: Use caution. Do not overdo a workout, even if you think you're up for it. Sure, you want to push yourself, but you don't want to pass out, become dehydrated, or throw up. If you feel sick or "not right" cease running and walk instead. Sip water as soon as possible.

*Remember to consult a doctor before beginning any fitness routine. I get a yearly physical, as well.

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