Monday, September 19, 2011

Going Strong Again on Monday

I'm back on track, now that my son is in preschool at the YMCA...I exercise while he's there, then take a shower (wearing flip-flops so I don't catch athlete's foot or worse in the public shower...forgot to bring them the first two times. Yikes.), semi-dry my hair, do my homework (i is a kollege student!), pick up my child, go home and have lunch. Today's healthy lunch for my new "healthier living" diet: salad with a tiny bit of ranch dressing, and an apple with fat-free caramel sauce (again, just a dab per apple slice.) Water for my drink (and a little leftover ice tea from yesterday). Later I will have some cheese and crackers...I know I was told to go for the protein after my workout, and I didn't this time. Normally I'll have tuna fish or peanut butter as my protein.

Yes! Back on track baby, and loving it...

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