Saturday, September 10, 2011

>Cough< Been Sick

Sometimes I can exercise when I'm sick. This was not one of those times. I don't care who you are, blowing snot into a tissue is not a welcome sight at the gym. Especially when you're doing it every three minutes and your nose is swelling up to resemble Mount St. Helen's. Add the sneezing and coughing and, well, let's just say some people would rather be next to Mount St. Helen's, even knowing it will explode. Because there may be time to get away from the lava. Not so much when there are germs involved.

Okay. I exaggerate. Nobody wants to be in the path of molten rock by any means. But let's get real. Colds should stay home. At least, the nasty ones. A sniffle? No problem. But when you're miserable, why go out and spread the misery?

So I ended up not exercising this past week. BUT I went out today for a quick run in my brand new Five Fingers shoes. I will post about these fab sneakers later. You don't want to miss my rave review. ( don't, right?)

Later on, I went on a bike ride, toting my kids along in their wheeled contraption attached to my bike. 4 miles. Two to the playground and 2 back. I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things again. And my youngest will be attending preschool next week, thus allowing me to exercise my 3 times a week at the long as he starts remembering to use the potty. Several mishaps this week have not jolted my confidence. (The one at the playground today especially worried me.)

So you will watch as I go from sick lazy person to hard-working gal. You know. Starting next week.

But aren't you glad I didn't work out next to you at the gym this week?

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