Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

So I made it to my workout on Wednesday. I did an hour of cardio, expending over 700 calories (according to the machine's estimate). I hate starting over...even missing 2 weeks of exercise makes a huge difference. (I know, I know...I did bike and run a little in between, but being on a regular schedule makes a huge difference.)

Once something becomes a habit, such as regularly exercising and shunning fried foods, it becomes easier to continue that habit. But once you stop...even for 2 short weeks, it's soooo hard to get back into the habit again. It's so much easier NOT to workout. After all, I have to get into my workout clothes, beg, plead and bribe my children to leave whatever toy they're engrossed with, drive to the gym, exercise, then grab the kids, drive us home, shower and get dressed. A two hour ordeal that could've been a nice time sitting around on the floor playing games with the kids or completing housework.

But knowing my health is on the line, how many more hours would I be around to play with the kids or keep up the house if I don't take care of me first? So every hour invested in exercise is an hour invested in the family. And that is why I need to step up and get back into the habit.

How about you?

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