Monday, April 14, 2014

Healthy it too much to ask?

I have not written a post in a lonnnng time. Not because I gave up eating right and/or exercising. On the contrary, I have continued a regular exercise schedule and do that whole "eat your greens" thing on a regular basis.

Recently, a Facebook friend suggested I avoid all carbs and sugars for a month, and see if that naturally lowers my cholesterol.

I do feel it would make me healthier. After all, we know sugars and carbohydrates wreak havoc on the body...and I tend to eat a lot of both. But my biggest issue do I curb those nasty cravings I have for them? After a long day of cajoling the kids into doing what I ask and yelling at them to stop fighting, chocolate is my way to feel relaxed. Same with my coffee (with its sweetened, powdered creamer and a half teaspoon of sugar).

How am I to forgo what I love in order to be a healthier, happier me?

So I have decided to attempt this no sugar/no carb thing...but I will need to find ways to deal with the cravings. So I am going to reach out to my Facebook friends and seek their advice. How can I make this work without feeling the deprivation? Stay tuned.

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