Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keeping Up with Goals

I've seen a lot of miserable people at the gym lately. I'm guessing they aren't thrilled with their daily routine. Maybe not happy with the rate they've been sloughing off pounds or building up muscle.

Me? I am at a good weight, thanks to The False Fat Diet, and I've been working out regularly. That could change at any minute. There are three people in this house who, if they catch a cold or flu, will derail me on my routine because I will have to stay home with two of them. And the third? Me. I believe I've mentioned if I'm out, I'm out for a while.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles. That's right. Ran. In February. No snow on the ground. Who would thunk it? I just hope we don't get a blizzard in June. Something's up with this weather. Don't get me wrong...I love it. 50 degrees in the middle of winter is considered a heatwave here in upstate New York. My kids? Not liking it one bit. Their boots and snowpants? I'm just happy my youngest can fit into the hand-me-downs.

Tomorrow is a half-day of school for my oldest, so no gym workout since I have to be here to see him off the bus. But I recently purchased four nicely priced DVDs with Yoga and Pilates exercises. I will try them and rate them here so you can decided whether or not they might be useful to you as well. Here's to warm days and snowless nights! Get happy, people.

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